Self compassionate parents = happy teens

A parents self-compassionate attitude may be more helpful

Many teenagers are struggling with anxiety and depression and research is showing that parents who integrate mindfulness into their parenting have adolescents with fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Emily Nauman recently wrote in the Great Good Science Centre blog “that integrating the principles of mindfulness into parenting: listening to the child with full attention, being emotionally aware of and non-judgmentally accepting of the self and the child’s feelings, and not being overly reactive to stressful situations was associated with better well being in parents

Interestingly there was only one facet of mindful parenting that seemed to increase the adolescent’s well being; non- judgementally accepting one’s parenting skills. In other words, parents who reported less self-blame-and were less self-critical of their own parenting-had adolescents with fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The researchers speculate that when parents model a non-judgmental attitude toward themselves, adolescents imitate their example. Treating the self with non-judgment and compassion could in turn reduce anxiety and depression.”

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